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An untapped opportunity

Paspaley has built a successful luxury jewellery brand in Australia by offering pearl jewellery designs that meet the trends and expectations of today’s market. This opportunity is largely untapped on an international level.

As the world’s largest producer of high-quality Australian South Sea pearls, we can supply a wide range of South Sea pearls at competitive prices including:

Rare or one-of-a-kind cultured and natural pearls not generally available to the wholesale market.

High-quality pairs, strands and loose pearls of consistent size, quality and price.

Stable and reliable supply of fine-quality Australian South Sea pearls with guaranteed natural colour and lustre.

Pearls handpicked by our pearl graders with experience in jewellery manufacturing to meet specific requirements.

Australian South Sea pearls are the rarest and most valuable in the world; unrivalled in size, nacre quality and natural colour and lustre.

Meeting the changing expectations of consumers

The motivators driving consumer spending have been changing in recent years. ‘The brand’ is no longer the sole value-driver. The purchasing decisions of 21st Century luxury consumers are increasingly influenced by other factors such as their concerns about the environment and the exploitation of workers in developing nations.

Authenticity, ethics, sustainability and provenance are factors that provide the consumer with something they find rewarding in addition to the beauty or quality of the product itself.

Paspaley’s Australian South Sea pearls are well positioned to become the choice of conscientious jewellery buyers who want a product derived from nature with an authentic and romantic story, that are sustainably produced by an industry with a vested interest in environmental protection and that showcase nature’s ability to produce objects of innate beauty.

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The Secret Life of Pearls

Discover our pearling operations in this documentary showcasing the Australian pearling industry that produces the world’s finest pearls, set in one of the most remote and pristine locations wildernesses remaining on Earth.

Natural pearls amongst the rarest of gems

The beauty of a single pearl has a strong and universal appeal.

Romantic and ethical production methods together with the rarity and beauty of fine quality Australian pearls make a compelling story. Combined with good design, our pearls are the perfect choice to expand your business.

“Now best known as the world’s leading producer of cultured South Sea pearls, it is noteworthy that the Paspaley Pearling Company had its beginning in natural pearl fishing.”

Christie’s, Magnificent Jewels catalogue, 2013

A single Paspaley natural baroque pearl pendant sold for USD410,000 at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Auction in Hong Kong. 

A pair of natural drop pearl earrings incorporating one piece discovered by Paspaley, sold for USD3.53 million at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Auction in Geneva.

A Paspaley branded natural button pearl necklace sold for USD907,000 ($250,000 more than the high estimate) at Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Auction in Hong Kong. 

An Innovator and world leader in pearling

We believe creators ought to have access to sustainable, socially responsible, and profitable gems that help them define the future of their business.

Explore new business opportunities with minimal risk and adapt your business to the changing landscape with the highest quality pearls.

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